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Jessica Gee Jessica Gee

Birth Date December 16, 1985
Birth Place Denver, Colorado
Nationality America
Education [Add education details here]
Occupation Co-founder of The Bucket List Family
Known For Co-founding The Bucket List Family
Spouse Garrett Gee

Jessica Gee (born December 16, 1985) is a co-founder of The Bucket List Family, a distinguished travel and lifestyle brand celebrated for its global adventures.

Early life and education

Jessica, hailing from Denver, Colorado, embarked on a transformative mission trip to [1] Vladivostok, Russia, at the age of 21. This experience fueled her passion for serving others and exploring diverse cultures. After completing her mission, Jessica pursued a career in online marketing and web development.


Jessica's professional journey includes two years of supporting her family while her husband, Garrett Gee, worked on various ventures. Her unwavering support played a pivotal role in the family's success. The turning point came when Garrett sold the mobile scanning app, Scan, leading to the establishment of The Bucket List Family.

As a co-founder, Jessica assumes the role of running the family's main social [2] media accounts and collaborating with sponsors and businesses. Her responsibilities extend to managing brand partnerships and contributing to the family's financial sustainability while maintaining authenticity and relevance.

Beyond business collaborations, Jessica actively participates in The Bucket List Family's content creation, sharing glimpses of their adventures and promoting a family-centric approach to travel and lifestyle. Her influence on the family's brand extends to trying new workouts, exploring cuisines from around the world, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Personal life

Jessica holds her family values close to her heart. The strong foundation of love and family provided by her parents and siblings has influenced her commitment to creating a supportive and loving environment for her own family – Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan.

In addition to her role as a co-founder and social media manager, Jessica's diverse interests include a love for dark chocolate, an appreciation for Michael Bolton's music, supporting the Denver Broncos, gardening, and stargazing. These personal touches showcase the vibrant and multifaceted personality that Jessica brings to The Bucket List Family.

The family's decision to settle in Hawaii and renovate a century-old house is a testament to Jessica's dedication to creating a stable home base while continuing their global adventures. This intentional choice reflects her commitment to providing stability for her family while embracing the excitement of exploration.

In conclusion, Jessica Gee's multifaceted contributions to The Bucket List Family encompass her roles as a co-founder, social media manager, and advocate for intentional living. Her impact extends beyond the realms of business collaborations, resonating with a diverse audience seeking inspiration for family-centric travel and lifestyle.

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