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Garrett Gee Garrett Gee

Birth Date November 6, 1989
Birth Place Denmark
Nationality American
Education Brigham Young University (BYU)
Occupation Entrepreneur, Tech Innovator, Co-founder of The Bucket List Family
Known For Co-founding The Bucket List Family and Scan app
Spouse Jessica Gee

Garrett Gee (born on November 6, 1989) is an entrepreneur, tech innovator, and co-founder of The Bucket List Family, a renowned travel and lifestyle brand.

Early Life and Education

Garrett's entrepreneurial journey began during service missions to Vladivostok, Russia, in 2009. It was during this time that he crossed paths with Jessica, setting the stage for a unique personal and professional journey.

Garrett attended Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah. As a Freshman, he delved into the world of technology by building his first app, Scan. This marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial pursuits.


Garrett's[1] career trajectory includes the founding of the mobile scanning app, Scan, during his university years. The app's success culminated in its acquisition by Snapchat in 2014, prompting Garrett to explore new horizons.

After selling Scan, Garrett, along with his wife Jessica and their children, embarked on a global adventure that would later become The Bucket List Family. In this new chapter, Garrett took on the role of a travel influencer and content creator, focusing on photography, videography, and editing.

Personal life

Beyond his professional endeavors, Garrett Gee is a dedicated family man. As a father to Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan, he emphasizes intentional living and a harmonious blend of entrepreneurship and family life. Garrett's decision to continue his education outside formal schooling, coupled with his passion for soccer, showcases his adaptability and pursuit of diverse interests. His current focus on natural bodybuilding reflects his ongoing exploration of new hobbies.

In conclusion, Garrett Gee's life and career embody a spirit of innovation, intentional living, and the pursuit of dreams. His journey, from soccer captain to tech entrepreneur, resonates with a global audience through The Bucket List Family's adventures.

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