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Varun Vagish Varun Vagish

Birth Date March 29, 1983
Birth Place Delhi
Nationality Indian
Occupation Travel Vlogger
Channel Name Mountain Trekker
Subscribers 1.6 million (as of January 2024)

Varun Vagish (born March 29, 1983) is a well-known Indian travel vlogger, known for his YouTube channel Mountain Trekker[1]. As of January 2024, he has about 1.6 million subscribers and 234 million total video views.

Early life and education

Due to his parents' government postings, Vagish was raised in multiple cities. He went to Delhi University to get a bachelor's degree in journalism and communication after finishing his studies at Atomic Energy Central School in Tarapur. In 2012, he obtained a Ph.D. in mass communication from MD University located in [2] Rohtak, Haryana, and a postgraduate diploma in mass communication/media studies from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, specifically in Delhi. Varun's commitment to media studies was evident in his educational background, which included semesters spent at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, MD University, and Delhi University.


Before becoming a travel vlogger, Varun worked as a journalist, newsreader, academician, and PR professional. He started the Mountain Trekker[3] YouTube channel, sharing travel experiences and promoting hitchhiking and Couchsurfing. Varun, having visited over 25 countries, finances his travels through sponsorships, Google AdSense, and promotions. His inspirational journey is widely recognized in the travel vlogging community.

Awards and recognitions

Dr. Varun Vagish, a former journalist, newsreader at All India Radio (AIR), and academician, earned a Ph.D. in Mass Communication. For the past 15 years, he has explored remote areas in India extensively. Currently, he is a full-time traveler, vlogger[4], and recipient of the National Award from the Ministry of Tourism, India.

Personal life

Varun lives a modest life, is unmarried, and adheres to a vegetarian diet. Currently relocating to Germany, he owns a Tata Nano in Delhi. Preferring privacy in his personal life, Varun is dedicated to his passion for travel, sharing his adventures with his audience.

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