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Tracy and Doug Collins Tracy and Doug Collins

Birth Date
Birth Place Northumberland, England (Tracy); Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire (Doug)
Nationality British
Occupation Travel Bloggers
Known For Showcasing the beauty and diversity of the UK
Spouse Doug Collins

Tracy and Doug Collins are a British couple passionate about showcasing the beauty and diversity of the UK. With extensive travel experience across the country, they help travelers plan the perfect UK vacation through their website[1], "UK Travel Planning". Their website is a treasure trove of adventures, tips, and practical advice aimed at making your UK travel experience unforgettable.

Early life and education

Tracy is originally from Northumberland in the North-East of England[2]. Growing up in a region rich in history, she developed a love for exploring historical sites. Tracy’s early education was focused on history, and she eventually qualified as a history teacher. Her background in history is evident in the detailed articles she writes about castles, cathedrals, Roman ruins, and other places of historical significance across the UK.

Doug hails from Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire, a town in the Midlands. His early life was marked by a fascination with trains, which eventually led to a career in the rail industry. Doug’s education and training revolved around the UK rail network, giving him an in-depth understanding of the country’s train systems and the beautiful landscapes they traverse.


Tracy’s career as a history teacher allowed her to share her passion for UK history with students. She enjoyed teaching about the rich tapestry of the UK’s past, from medieval castles to Roman ruins. After years of teaching, Tracy transitioned to sharing her knowledge through writing, creating a wealth of articles that guide readers through the historical and cultural landmarks of the UK.

Doug’s career in the rail industry spanned over 25 years, during which he traveled on nearly every train line in the UK. His extensive experience in train travel has made him an expert in planning rail itineraries. Doug enjoys the spontaneity and adventure that train travel offers and loves sharing his knowledge with others. He provides practical advice and recommendations to help travelers make the most of their UK train journeys.

Personal life

Tracy and Doug’s personal lives are deeply intertwined with their love for travel. Tracy enjoys exploring the UK countryside in all seasons, though she admits she is not a fan of hikes. She loves relaxing in cozy pubs, especially in the winter, with a glass of mulled wine. Tracy’s favorite places in the UK include the Lake District, the Cotswolds, the West Highlands of Scotland, and Northumberland.

Doug’s passion for trains extends beyond his career. He loves planning train travel itineraries and embarking on spontaneous adventures. Doug finds joy in watching the countryside pass by from the comfort of a train and appreciates the convenience and freedom of rail travel. His favorite train journeys include the West Coast Mainline from London Euston to Glasgow Central and the West Highland line in Scotland. Doug also enjoys sleeper trains and has taken the Caledonian Sleeper service multiple times, relishing the experience of waking up to stunning Scottish scenery.

Awards and achievements

Tracy and Doug have over 35 years of combined travel experience, both within the UK and around the world. Their website has become a trusted resource for travelers seeking to explore the UK. Tracy’s articles on historical sites and Doug’s expertise in train travel have garnered a loyal following. Their dedication to sharing their knowledge and helping others plan their travels is their greatest achievement.

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