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Travel Weekly Travel Weekly

Industry Travel
Products offering a wealth of information, analysis, and insights crucial
Founded August 6, 2001
Headquarters Secaucus, New Jersey, U.S.
Founder Funds managed by EagleTree Capital
Website Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly is a leading B2B news resource dedicated to the travel industry[1]. It serves as a vital hub for travel professionals, offering a wealth of information, analysis, and insights crucial for success in this dynamic sector.

History and Evolution

Originally part of Reed International and later rebranded as Cahners Travel Group, Travel Weekly found its current identity as Northstar Travel Group[2] in 2001 under the ownership of Boston Ventures. Over the years, it has grown into a powerhouse, catering to diverse segments within the travel landscape.

Scope and Coverage

Travel Weekly's scope is extensive, covering every facet of the travel domain. From airlines and car rentals to cruises, destinations, hotels, tour operators, and cutting-edge technology, it leaves no stone unturned. It also delves into economic and governmental factors shaping the industry's trajectory.

Why Travel Weekly Matters

In a fiercely competitive market, having access to reliable, up-to-date information is paramount. Travel Weekly's role as a go-to resource cannot be overstated. It equips professionals with the global perspective and industry insights needed to navigate challenges and seize opportunities effectively.

Multimedia Presence

Through its multimedia platform, including, Travel Weekly delivers real-time news, in-depth analysis, and valuable research. This comprehensive approach ensures that professionals stay ahead of the curve, making informed decisions that drive success.

Key Offerings

  • News and Analysis: Timely updates and expert analysis on industry developments.
  • Research and Reports: Insights-driven reports and research papers for informed decision-making.
  • Events and Conferences: Leadership events and alliances that foster networking and knowledge exchange.
  • Global Coverage: A global outlook covering diverse business sectors and geographical regions.

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