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The Whitby Guide The Whitby Guide

Industry Travel and Tourism
Products Travel Guides, Event Listings, Online Shop
Founded 2009
Headquarters Blythe Bridge, England
Website The Whitby Guide

The Whitby Guide is not just a website; it's a passion project turned into a thriving business that encapsulates the rich history[1] and community spirit of Whitby, a charming seaside town in North Yorkshire. Founded in 2009, this platform has become a beacon for over a million annual visitors, offering insights, stories, and a virtual journey through time and heritage.

Early beginnings

The roots of The Whitby Guide trace back to Stoke-on-Trent, where the founder, deeply connected to Whitby through family ties, envisioned a platform to share the town's wonders. Growing up with tales of Whitby from his father, Kevan Paylor[2], and grandfather, Laurence (affectionately known as 'Bill'), the founder inherited a treasure trove of memories and historical anecdotes.

The paylor legacy

The Paylor family's legacy in Whitby is woven into the town's fabric, spanning generations and diverse occupations, from fruit and veg trade to jet jewellery making. The bustling life of Whitby, as seen through the eyes of the Paylor family, reflects the town's evolution and enduring charm.

Bridging past and present

In 2009, fueled by a desire to honor his heritage and share Whitby's essence with the world, the founder launched The Whitby Guide. What began as a personal endeavor soon blossomed into a digital hub, attracting a loyal audience of over 100,000 social media followers and garnering over a million website views annually.

Impact and gratitude

The impact of The Whitby Guide[3] extends beyond numbers; it's a testament to the love for Whitby and the community that shaped it. Through insightful articles, event listings, and an expanding online shop, the platform continues to celebrate Whitby's past, present, and future.

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