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Anurag Dobhal Anurag Dobhal

Birth Date May 3, 1997
Birth Place Bhaniawala Village, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation YouTuber, Moto Vlogger
Channel Name The UK07 Rider
Subscribers 7.58M subscribers

Anurag Dobhal (born May 3, 1997), widely known as The UK07 Rider, was born and raised in a bhaniawala village in Dehradun[1], Uttarakhand. He is known for his YouTube videos and for participating in the 17th season of Bigg Boss. As of March 2024, he has about 7.58M subscribers.

Early life and education

Anurag Dobhal, widely recognized as The UK07 Rider, hails from a small village in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He completed his schooling at Dehradun Boys’ School and further pursued higher education, obtaining a B.Sc degree from Uttaranchal College.


Anurag Dobhal's career in the digital realm began in 2018 when he transitioned from mobile blogging to producing high-quality videos. His dedication and passion for moto vlogging[2] propelled him to amass over 2 million subscribers on YouTube by October 2023. Known for his captivating ride videos, Anurag has become a prominent figure in the social media landscape.

YouTube journey

Anurag Doval embarked on his YouTube journey in January 2018, establishing the channel "The UK07 Rider." Initially creating content on his mobile device, Anurag[3] gained popularity for his engaging and thrilling blogs. Over time, he invested in advanced equipment, leading to a substantial increase in subscribers. As of October 2023, he boasts over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Anurag's content is widely appreciated for its entertaining ride videos and deep insights into the world of motoring.

Personal life

The UK07 Rider's real name is Anurag Dobhal, affectionately known as Babu Bhaiya. In his personal life, Anurag is currently unmarried and has a loving relationship with his girlfriend, Savya KC, a fellow moto vlogger from Nepal. Anurag's family includes his father, Tjinder Dobhal, mother, Manisha Dobhal, and brother, Anuj Dobhal.

Awards and nominations

Throughout his illustrious career as a moto vlogger, Anurag Dobhal has been honored with the prestigious YouTube Silver Play Button and YouTube Gold Play Button, recognizing his significant contributions to the online community.

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