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Tanya Khanijow Tanya Khanijow

Birth Date March 29, 1993
Birth Place Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Travel Vlogger, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Channel Name Tanya Khanijow
Subscribers 1.40 million (as of January 2024)

Tanya Khanijow, born on March 29, 1993, in Delhi, India, is a renowned Indian travel vlogger, YouTuber, and social media influencer. Her YouTube channel, "Tanya Khanijow," has gained significant popularity, thanks to her captivating travel stories and vlogs. Tanya's content is characterized by authenticity, simplicity, and a genuine passion for exploration. As of January 2024, she has about 1.40 million subscribers.[1]

Early life and education

Tanya Khanijow spent her early years navigating nine different schools across various Indian cities due to her father's government job. Later, she pursued a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering at [2] Delhi Technological University, completing her studies in 2017.


After completing her education, Tanya entered the corporate realm as a business analyst at an advertising firm based in Delhi in 2017. Even during her professional career, her love for travel was unmistakable, often seen in her meticulous vacation planning. Tanya's transition into the world of content creation began when she shared a vlog about Pondicherry on YouTube during one of her travels. The vlog received praise and encouragement, leading her to embrace a full-time role as a travel blogger.

YouTube career

Under the moniker "Tanya Khanijow," her YouTube channel became a sensation, especially for her travel vlogs. Notable among them is the Africa vlog, where she documented the Himba tribe. Tanya's emphasis on authenticity and positivity has solidified her status as one of India's prominent travel [3] influencers, amassing a considerable subscriber base.

Personal life

Tanya Khanijow's family includes her father, Pramod Khanijow, a retired Indian Army personnel, her mother, Poonam Khanijow, and her elder sister, Twesha Khanijow, who works as a yoga instructor. Standing at 5' 7", Tanya has a passion for photography, reading, and travel. She enjoys non-vegetarian cuisine and shares her home with a pet cat.

Recent rumors have linked Tanya romantically with Eshaan Joshi[4]. However, she maintains privacy about her love life. Well-known as a social media influencer and travel vlogger, Tanya is currently engaged to Eshaan. They announced their engagement on Instagram, sharing pictures from their beautiful ceremony on April 8, 2023.

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