Nagaur Fort

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Nagaur Fort, also known as Ahhichatragarh Fort, is a significant historical attraction located in Nagaur City, Rajasthan, India. This fort, originally constructed by the Nagavanshis in the 2nd century, is renowned for its expansive campus and towering walls. It was later renovated by Mohammed Baalim, a Governor of the Ghaznivites. The fort has three entrance doors, the first of which is made of iron and wood spikes to guard against elephant charges and enemy attacks.


The fort was initially built by the Nagavanshi dynasty and underwent numerous expansions and renovations under different rulers. The earliest mentions of the fort date back to the 4th century when it was ruled by the Nagas. Over time, it fell under the rule of various dynasties, including the Ghaznavids, Khiljis, and Rathores. It was during the reign of the Ghaznavids in the 12th century that significant fortifications and structures were added, expanding the fort’s size and enhancing its defensive capabilities. In the subsequent centuries, the fort came under the influence of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. During the Mughal era, the fort underwent further architectural developments, incorporating Mughal design elements into its structure. It became a prominent stronghold and witnessed several battles and changes in rulership.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to Nagaur Fort is in Jodhpur, which is around 145 km from Nagaur. The nearest railway station is in Nagaur itself, which is around 10 min from the fort. Regular bus services are also operational from the neighbouring cities to Nagaur. Nagaur Fort is located at the centre of Nagaur city, and one can easily reach here by bus or taxi.