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Nikki lake

  • Brij Shah: This is a beautiful man-made lake as the locals claim it to be. Has wonderful views, a selfie point, a boutique temple on the edge of the lake, market is situated right next to it where you can shop and get a bit to eat, there is a boat ride that one can take. Highly recommend taking a boat ride with a private driver as the locals know all the history behind the attractions situated on the lake.
  • Jay Patel: Beautiful lake with amazing views of landscape and scenery. Boating is also available and you can have a long walk around the lake between the nature, I suggest having a walk early morning. Peaceful and quiet atmosphere.
  • Abhinav Vats: It's a nice place to visit and for boating. Photographers around there are amazing I randomly clicked my pics that guy was awesome in his work hand to and transferred the pics. If anyone requires the number can share. Have to walk a lot though and the other side is the market, retro bar, and games section for kids at reasonable rates.

Guru Shikhar

  • Riya Senapati: The view from the top is mesmerizing. You are gonna love it. By sitting beside the window of your vehicle you can enjoy the whole journey with the view.
  • Kalp Patel: My family and I had an unforgettable visit to Guru Shikhar. The temple atop the mountain truly embodies the essence of Sanatan Dharma, radiating its beauty and spiritual significance. While the temple itself may not be grand in size, its spirality and aura provide a profound experience. The breathtaking scenery from the temple is a sight to behold, offering clear views on cloudless days. It's a haven for meditators seeking to find inner peace and tranquility. Our time there was truly enriching, allowing us to connect with both nature and our inner selves.

Achalgarh Fort

  • yudhii vyas: Well, there on parking few kids or people will ask you for a guide and share your visit to the fort. Well fort is completely ruined and there is a pond and remaining rooms. I suggest not taking any guide. They will just waste your money. If you are interested in heritage and old ruins and photography you can pay a visit here. Baki to guide to guide story always changes. No charge for any visit