Menar Jamra Beej

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Menar village, situated approximately 45 kilometers from Udaipur city on NH-76 in Rajasthan, presents a unique way of celebrating the festival of Holi. Unlike the traditional colorful festivities observed elsewhere in the country, Menar village, predominantly inhabited by Brahmins, commemorates Holi with swords, guns, and crackers. The festival, known as "Jamra Beej," is deeply rooted in the village's history and culture, symbolizing bravery and valor.


Menar's tradition of celebrating Holi with swords, guns, and fireworks traces back over 400 years. Historically, the village played a crucial role in defending against Mughal invasions during the reign of Rana Udai Singh. The Menaria Brahmins, inspired by their ancestors' valor, continue to commemorate their victory over the Mughal army by engaging in festive rituals involving aerial gunfire, canon shots, and traditional dances.


Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Rajasthan, Menar village is renowned for its vibrant Holi celebrations and its rich avian biodiversity. The village hosts two picturesque ponds, Brahm Talab and Dand Talab, attracting numerous migratory bird species during winters. This hidden gem offers a serene countryside ambiance, making it a favored destination for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

How to Reach

Menar village is conveniently accessible from Udaipur, located approximately 48 kilometers away. Travelers can reach Udaipur via air, rail, or road and then proceed to Menar by road. The village's proximity to major transportation routes makes it easily reachable for tourists seeking to experience its unique cultural festivities and natural beauty.