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Seven Wonder's Park

  • ANKUR ROY: It's an amazing park, all are left-sided and the river is on the other side. The toilet and food shop are available at the end of the park. Very clean and beautiful ambiance.
  • A truly surreal experience. All the wonders are beautifully designed and have descriptions of the actual wonders as well. It has a beautiful view of the lake also. Cruise and food services are also available. Must-visit spot in Kota.
  • The entry fee is ₹10. You can visit the seven Wonders of the world in the same place... It's not much crowded. You can visit here in the evening... The washrooms here are not clean & the canteen here is very expensive.
  • Seven Wonder Park in Kota, Rajasthan, is a captivating testament to human architectural marvels that transports visitors across the globe in a single stroll. This park offers a unique fusion of culture, history, and awe-inspiring structures, replicating iconic wonders like the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, and Christ the Redeemer with remarkable precision.
  • Seven Wonder Park offers a unique opportunity for locals and tourists alike to witness world-famous monuments without leaving Kota. It celebrates the global heritage of architecture and invites you to marvel at the wonders of the world, all within the heart of Rajasthan. A visit to this park is not just a leisurely stroll; it's a passport to a world of architectural splendors.