Junagarh fort tourist review

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Anirudh Sreeram: A well-preserved historical fortress with available guides upon ticket purchase. Allocate around 1.5 hours for a comprehensive exploration and photography session. The adjacent museum features artifacts and attire from the era, but it's optional and can be omitted.

Patrick Jones: Excellent spot for history lovers and art aficionados. The place is well-preserved. The gold inlay work is something to be seen. Open spaces, courts, intricate latticework, an armory, and even a World War I fighter plane etc give a glimpse of the Royal opulence of those times. There's a water-cooling system to cool the place in one spot. One room is painted to look like a cloudy sky and lightning strikes the royal kids to feel rain and thunder as Bikaner doesn't have many showers. Access is controlled by the ticketing system. The guide is a must but the authorities provide it; you can have your private guide as well. Vehicles can be parked inside

Aniruddha Dutta: This is the best place to visit in Bikaner. This is a royal Fort with an excellent carving of Marbels and sculpture with gold. Some parts of this hot have been converted into museums and are open for general visitors. This museum also provides guides with its entry tickets for rupees 100. Worth visiting this place as history speaks here itself.