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  • Albert Hall Museum

varun: It was a nice setup. Visited here at night. The view of the museum building at night was a feast for the eyes which was decorated with coloured lights. They charge Rs 50 per head for the ticket. Inside the museum hall, there are different types of galleries that have a collection of arms, carpets, blue pottery, sculptures, and many more. The palace in which the museum is set up is also a piece of artwork.

Alyssa Buenrostro: Very beautiful at night. We got in for free because we had bought the composition ticket from Amber Palace. It’s very beautiful but towards the end, it does get a little boring. Overall, this place was my 2 in Jaipur! I would recommend coming here.

  • Amer fort

Rail Traveler -Ajay Kumar: Fantastic place with so much history. Make sure to get a guide (400 or so rupees) to learn what this beautiful place is all about. Massive palace sitting on the mountain in the middle of a jungle. Such a wonder how these structures were built so long ago and are still standing so sturdy today. The sun and water palace are amazing.

Bhavik Barfiwala: Superb palace on height. Can reach through elephant ride or by foot. If going with children, carry school or college I'd card. Hives special discount. Font visit to take snaps inside, it's artistic with beautiful carvings.

  • Nahargarh Fort

Kusum Chouhan: Your destination to get that perfect city lights view of the entire Jaipur city. Preferable hours to visit are 4 PM - 6 PM so that you can witness the city lights and take in all the serenity of the place. The fort itself is beautiful and offers you great picture-perfect spots.

Aditya Mehta: This used to be one of the top places to visit earlier in my list. Having been there multiple times, I can see the downfall of this fort. It is not the same wonderful fort and sunset point to enjoy as it used to be a few years back. Everything here is now commercialized, there are charges for everything that you can do here, and these charges feel insane compared to the overall experience. The only good part is the fort interiors and terrace of the fort. Other than that, this looks more like a money-making business. Beware of the parking scam, they won't inform you about the time validity of the parking slip, and may also write slightly earlier time to make money when you leave the fort. They charge Rs. 50 per 2 hours. Sunset restaurant is completely private and has poor service. Even the entry is chargeable, which was not the case earlier. A huge letdown after so many wonderful visits to this fort