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Galia Brener-Rexroth Galia Brener-Rexroth

Birth Date
Birth Place Canada
Nationality Canadian
Education Mainz University of Applied Sciences
York University
Occupation Fashion entrepreneur, influencer, TV personality
Known For Founder of Secret Pocket Society®
Spouse Andreas Rexroth (m. 2020)

Galia Brener-Rexroth is a well-known personality who has made significant contributions to fashion, design, and entertainment. Let’s take a closer look at her incredible journey, from her early days in Canada to becoming a global influencer and entrepreneur. As of March 2024, She has about 1 million followers on Instagram.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in Canada, Galia[1] was a creative and adventurous child who loved searching for snow angels. When she turned 22, she moved to Europe to follow her passion for communication design. She studied at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and earned a diploma[2] in Communication Design. Later, she broadened her academic knowledge by obtaining an International Bachelor of Business Administration from York University in Toronto.


Galia’s career showcases her innovative skills and entrepreneurial spirit. In 2010, she started her fashion startup called Secret Pocket Society®. One of her revolutionary creations is the gBag, which is recognized as the world’s first feminist handbag, symbolizing both empowerment and style.

As a public figure, Galia has appeared on TV shows and in newspapers and magazines worldwide. She has worked with big-name brands like Chopard, Maserati, Universal Pictures, and LVMH, highlighting her influence and creativity. Apart from fashion, she has also displayed her comedic talent on “The GB Show,” winning over audiences with her wit and charm.

Personal Life

In 2020, Galia started a new chapter in her personal life by marrying Andreas Rexroth. This commitment reflects her dedication to authenticity and happiness, values that are evident in her professional work.

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