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Dr. Raj Phanden Dr. Raj Phanden

Birth Date March 23, 1981
Birth Place Dhani Sanchla, Bhuna Fatehabad Haryana
Nationality Indian
Occupation Environmental Conservation
Channel Name Cycle Baba
Subscribers 641K (as of April 2024)

Dr. Raj Phanden, born on March 23, 1981, in Dhani Sanchla, Bhuna Fatehabad Haryana, is popularly known as Cycle Baba, He has gained global recognition as a bicycle traveler with a strong passion for environmental conservation[1]. As of April 2024, he has about 641K million subscribers.

Early life and education

Dr. Raj Phanden pursued his primary education in his village. He later completed his MBBS degree at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya[2] (JNV). Following this, he earned an MD, thus becoming an Ayurveda doctor.


Dr. Raj Phanden embarked on an extraordinary journey called "Wheels for Greens" in 2016, aiming to cycle through all 196 countries worldwide. His mission is to raise awareness about environmental pollution, global warming, climate change, and their impact on humanity. He has covered over 92 countries and pedaled nearly 96,000 kilometers, planting over 100,000 saplings along the way. Dr. Raj has organized over 1,200 seminars globally, promoting cultural diversity and the message of "Vasudev Kutumbakam" (the world is one family).

Personal life

Dr. Raj Phanden[3] lost his wife, Dr. Kavita, in a road accident, which deeply impacted his life. Despite facing personal challenges, he remains dedicated to his mission of promoting sustainability and environmental safety through cycling.

Awards and recognition

Dr. Raj Phanden's[4] relentless efforts have earned him recognition and respect worldwide. He has received accolades for his contributions to environmental conservation, including planting thousands of trees and reducing carbon emissions through his cycling expeditions.

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