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Casey Neistat Casey Neistat

Birth Date March 25, 1981
Birth Place America
Nationality American
Occupation YouTube Personality, Filmmaker, Vlogger, Entrepreneur
Channel Name CaseyNeistat
Subscribers 12.6 million (as of January 2024)

Casey Neistat (born March 25, 1981) is an American YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger, and co-founder of the multimedia company Beme, which CNN later acquired. In 2018, he founded 368, a creative space for creators to collaborate. As of January 2024, he has about 12.6 million subscribers and 3.17 billion views.

Early life and education

Neistat, growing up in the restaurant business of Muddy Waters Cafe in New London, Connecticut, left high school at 17 and became a father to Owen. Living in a trailer park with his then-girlfriend Robin Harris, he worked as a dishwasher and short-order cook. Later, he moved to New York City, with roots in Reform Judaism. His paternal grandmother, Louise Neistat, was a professional tap dancer at Radio City Music Hall [1]


Casey's journey began in the culinary field before he shifted to filmmaking in New York City. In 2001, he collaborated with artist Tom Sachs, creating films about Sachs' sculptures. Neistat gained global recognition in 2003 with "iPod's Dirty Secret," a critique of Apple's lack of a battery replacement program for iPods. This film prompted Apple to announce such a policy. He co-created the HBO series "The Neistat Brothers" with his brother, purchased for nearly $2 million. Neistat is renowned for his YouTube channel, where he shares vlogs and short films, amassing a significant following.

Youtube career

Casey Neistat delved into subway safety on February 17, 2010, addressing the emergency brake cord's confusion in NYC. On February 23, 2010, he explored Chatroulette in a six-minute film. His 2011 video, "Bike Lanes," challenged NYPD's ticketing of cyclists, gaining him the title "Bike-Lane Vigilante." Starting daily vlogs on March 26, 2015, his channel now boasts 12.5 million subscribers as of February 2023. Notable videos include snowboarding NYC streets during the January 2016 blizzard. In March 2022, his documentary, "Under the Influence," premiered at SXSW, delving into controversies surrounding David Dobrik[2]

Awards and recognitions

Among Casey Neistat's achievements are the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards John Cassavetes Award for "Go Get Some Rosemary." He received multiple Streamy Awards and a Diamond Creator Award from YouTube Creator Rewards for his efforts on the platform. Furthermore, he received a nomination for a Daytime Emmy, demonstrating his influence on multiple platforms and acknowledgment within the online content creation community.

Personal life

Casey Neistat has quite a journey in relationships. He eloped with Candice Pool in 2005, but the marriage didn't last long and got annulled. They reconciled, got engaged in 2013, and had a beautiful Jewish wedding in South Africa. The couple has three kids. Casey is known for his social media presence, sharing family moments on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. His touching video about his tap-dancing grandmother, Louise Neistat, garnered attention. In 2019, he left NYC for LA, but in 2022, he announced his return to the Big Apple.

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