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Bhopal, known as the "City of Lakes," is the capital of Madhya Pradesh, India. Its rich history, from ancient kings to British rule, has shaped its cultural and economic significance. Despite facing challenges like the Bhopal disaster, it has emerged as a thriving city with a strong industrial base and a hub of education and research.

How to Reach

Bhopal is well-connected by air, rail, and road. Raja Bhoj Airport serves domestic and international flights. The city is a major railway junction with trains connecting to various cities. National highways link Bhopal to neighboring states.

2 Days Itinerary

Day 1: Explore historical sites like Fatehgarh Fort and museums like the Museum of Man. Visit religious places such as mosques and temples.

Day 2: Enjoy the natural beauty of lakes like Upper Bhopal Lake and explore Van Vihar National Park. Experience local culture at Bharat Bhawan and indulge in shopping for handicrafts.

Get Around

Bhopal has a well-developed public transport system including buses and taxis. Auto-rickshaws are convenient for short distances. Rental cars and bikes are also available.

Things to Do

Visit historical landmarks like Fatehgarh Fort and Taj-ul-Masjid. Explore museums such as the Museum of Man and Bharat Bhawan. Enjoy nature at Upper Bhopal Lake and Van Vihar National Park. Attend cultural events and festivals to experience local traditions.

Offbeat Places

Explore the lesser-known lakes like Chhota Talab and Nawab Siddique Hasan Khan Talaab. Visit hidden gems like Lakshminarayan Temple and Preet Nagar Lake.


Participate in activities like boating and bird watching at the lakes. Attend workshops and cultural performances at Bharat Bhawan.

Fairs and Festivals

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of festivals like Diwali and Eid. Attend local fairs showcasing traditional arts, crafts, and cuisine.

Shopping Malls

Shop for local handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs at markets like Chowk Bazaar and New Market. Explore shopping malls for a modern retail experience.


Indulge in authentic local cuisine including Bhopali kebabs, poha jalebi, and biryani. Try street food delicacies like samosas and chaat.


Choose from a range of accommodations including hotels, guesthouses, and resorts. Opt for lakeside or city center locations for convenience.

Go Next

Explore nearby attractions like Sanchi Stupa, Bhimbetka Caves, and Udaigiri Caves. Visit neighboring cities like Indore and Ujjain for a cultural excursion.