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Amarkantak (NLK Amarakaṇṭaka) stands as a revered pilgrim town nestled in the heart of Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh, India. Its geographical allure is unparalleled, serving as the convergence point of the Vindhya and Satpura Ranges, anchored by the majestic Maikal Hills. Here, amidst nature's grandeur, the Narmada River emerges, alongside the Son River and the tributary Johilla River, painting a picturesque panorama that captivates pilgrims and tourists alike.


How to Reach

To journey to Amarkantak[1], travelers can access convenient roadways linking Rewa, Shahdol, Anuppur, Jabalpur, Katni, Bilaspur, and Gaurella. Pendra Road and Anuppur serve as the nearest railway stations for those preferring rail travel, while Bilaspur Airport offers air connectivity within a 120 km radius.

2 Days Itinerary

Day 1: Immersive Pilgrimage

Begin your day at the revered Narmada Kund temples[2], tracing the origin of the sacred Narmada River. Explore the ancient temples dating back to the Kalachuri period, notably the Trimukhi Temple, showcasing exquisite architectural marvels. Visit the esteemed Shri Yantra Mandir, a manifestation of spiritual reverence and intricate craftsmanship.

Day 2: Nature's Bounty

Delve into the natural splendor at Kapil Dhara, where the divine Narmada[3] descends as a majestic waterfall, offering serenity and spiritual reflection. Embark on a trek to Dugdh Dhara, experiencing the tranquility of the frothing waters amidst scenic landscapes. Conclude your journey with a visit to Narmada Udgam, immersing in the ethereal beauty of the river's genesis.

Get Around

Navigating Amarkantak is facilitated by local transport options, including buses and taxis, ensuring seamless exploration of its spiritual and natural treasures.

Things to Do

Witness the mystical Kabir Chabutra, resonating with the spiritual legacy of 15th-century poet Kabir. Embrace the flora and fauna diversity at Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, a haven for nature enthusiasts. Indulge in soulful moments at Mai Ki Bagiya, a serene garden enveloping spiritual vibes and natural beauty.

Offbeat Places

Discover the ancient allure of Machhendranath, Pataleshwar, and Kailash Narayan temples, steeped in historical significance. Uncover hidden gems like Shambhudhara and Durgdhara waterfalls, offering secluded retreats amidst nature's embrace.


Engage in spiritual discourses and meditation retreats offered by ashrams and temples, fostering inner harmony and enlightenment.

Fairs and Festivals

Participate in vibrant celebrations during Narmada Jayanti, Makar Sankranti, and Shiv Chaturdashi, immersing in the cultural richness of Amarkantak.

Shopping Malls

Experience local craftsmanship and cultural artifacts at bustling markets, capturing the essence of Madhya Pradesh's heritage.


Savor traditional delicacies infused with regional flavors, relishing the culinary diversity that Amarkantak offers.


Choose from a range of accommodation options, from serene guesthouses to comfortable hotels, ensuring a restful stay amidst nature's embrace.

Go Next

You can extend your journey to nearby attractions like Jabalpur's Marble Rocks, Bilaspur's historical sites, or the tranquil landscapes of Achanakmar.


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