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Vishnu Saha Vishnu Saha

Birth Date 1992
Birth Place Tezpur
Nationality Indian
Occupation travel content creator
Channel Name Wandering Maniac
Subscribers 689K (as of April 2024)

Vishnu Saha, (Born in 1992) in Tezpur. popularly known as Wandering Maniac, is an Indian YouTuber and avid traveler known for his adventurous journeys across various countries. He has gained fame through his captivating travel vlogs, especially his series on Afghanistan, which has garnered significant attention. As of April 2024, he has 689K subscribers.

Early life and education

Vishnu[1] developed a passion for exploration and adventure from a young age. He pursued his primary education in Tezpur before completing his Bachelor of Science degree from Osmania University, specializing in Computer Science.


Vishnu's journey as a travel content creator[2] began in Coorg, India, where he started documenting his travel experiences through vlogs. In 2019, he dedicated himself fully to creating engaging travel content and transformed his YouTube channel into a successful career. With a focus on budget travel, he leverages platforms like Couchsurfing and hitchhiking to minimize expenses while exploring diverse destinations. His unique approach and adventurous spirit have attracted a substantial following, with his YouTube channel boasting over 600k subscribers.

Personal life

Outside of his travels, Vishnu leads a private life, keeping details about his relationships discreet.

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