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Vishakha Fulsunge Vishakha Fulsunge

Birth Date 3 November 1993
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Occupation Moto vlogger
Channel Name RiderGirl Vishakha
Subscribers 1.08 million (as of March 2024)

Vishakha Fulsunge, (born on 3 November 1993) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is widely recognized as RiderGirl Vishakha, a pioneering motovlogger[1]. She holds the distinction of being India's first female moto vlogger and has gained immense popularity for her exhilarating videos that provide an adrenaline rush to her audience. As of March 2024, she has 1.08 million Subscribers on YouTube.


Vishakha embarked on her motovlogging and YouTube journey[2] on 6 February 2017, marking the beginning of a remarkable adventure that has spanned over 700 videos. Her captivating content showcases thrilling motorcycle journeys, taking viewers to diverse destinations and capturing their hearts along the way.

Early life and education

Vishakha's educational journey took her to Holi High School, and later, she attended the Indian Institute of Planning and Management. Her academic pursuits led her to study BBA with a focus on International Finance and pursue an MBA in International Marketing from the International Management Institute.

Personal life

Vishakha Fulsunge is part of a close-knit family that includes her father, Mr. Dhanraj Singh Fulsunge, her mother, Mrs. Mohini Fulsunge, and her brother, Pawan Fulsunge. As of now, Vishakha is not married. Her personal life is colored by a deep passion for motovlogging and the thrill of discovering new landscapes on her motorcycle. Although she has mentioned her boyfriend[3]'s name as Rajat Pratap Singh.

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