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Suzanne Jones Suzanne Jones

Birth Date
Birth Place Brighton, Sussex Coast, UK
Nationality British
Occupation Travel blogging, The Travelbunny
Channel Name The Travelbunny
Subscribers 301 subscribers

Suzanne Jones, known as The Travelbunny, is a renowned travel content creator with a passion for exploring the world and sharing her experiences. Through her blog, The Travelbunny[1], she aims to inspire wanderlust and provide valuable insights and tips for planning memorable trips.

Early life and education

Suzanne was born and raised just outside Brighton on the Sussex Coast in the UK. Growing up near the sea instilled in her a deep love for travel and adventure from an early age. Her fascination with different cultures and destinations continued to grow throughout her upbringing.


With over 16 years of experience as a professional travel planner, Suzanne has a wealth of knowledge in arranging corporate incentive travel, conferences, and events. Her expertise lies in finding the best travel deals, crafting well-balanced itineraries, and selecting top-notch accommodations based on her extensive stays in various hotels worldwide. In 2011, Suzanne ventured into blogging and founded 'The Travelbunny', initially as a personal journal to document her travels. Over time, her blog evolved into a platform where she shares her travel insights, tips, and recommendations with a global audience.

Personal life

Aside from her professional endeavors, Suzanne is a dedicated full-time blogger who seamlessly integrates her passion for travel, food, and adventure into her daily life. She enjoys engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, tennis, golf, and skiing when she's not exploring new destinations. Suzanne has a keen interest in culinary experiences during her travels, often trying local dishes and street food to immerse herself in the culture of each place she visits.

Awards and achievements

Suzanne's contributions to the travel industry have been recognized with awards, making The Travelbunny an award-winning British travel blog. Her extensive travels have taken her to over 50 countries across the globe, where she captures the essence of each destination through captivating photography and engaging storytelling on her blog.

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