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Caroline Rowe Caroline Rowe

Birth Date
Birth Place Liverpool, England
Nationality British
Education English Literature at Lancaster University
Occupation Travel writer, Photographer, Copy editor
Known For Pack The Suitcases travel blog

Caroline Rowe Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes near Liverpool, a vibrant travel writer[1] and photographer hailing from the North West of England, has carved a unique niche in the travel blogging sphere with her website, Pack The Suitcases. Her journey into the world of travel writing began in 2016, driven by a passion for storytelling, photography, and exploration.

Early life and education

Caroline's love for adventure[2] was evident from an early age. She pursued her academic interests at Lancaster University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature (British and Commonwealth). This academic background laid the foundation for her impeccable writing style and deep appreciation for language and grammar.


Caroline's professional journey is as diverse as her travel experiences. While she thrives as a travel blogger and photographer[3], her full-time role as a copy editor in a Civil Service organization reflects her expertise in language and editorial precision. Her contributions extend beyond editing; she is actively involved in delivering training on clear writing, grammar, and digital content creation.

Personal life

Beyond her professional endeavors, Caroline[4] finds joy in equestrian activities, particularly dressage. Her love for horses transcends borders, much like her passion for travel. She is also a self-proclaimed connoisseur of crumpets with Marmite, a daily ritual that adds a touch of comfort to her adventurous lifestyle.

Awards and achievements

Caroline's dedication to her craft has not gone unnoticed. Her award-winning travel blog, Pack The Suitcases, attracts over 70,000 readers monthly and has garnered recognition from prominent names like Lonely Planet,, and Visit Scotland. Her expertise in WordPress, SEO, social media, and digital content creation reflects her commitment to delivering high-quality and engaging travel narratives.


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