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Jake Williams Jake Williams

Birth Date April 21, 1998
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber, Creator of Bright Sun Films
Channel Name Bright Sun Films
Subscribers 1.45 Million (as of April 2024)

Jake Williams was (born on April 21, 1998), in the United States. known for his work as a YouTuber and creator of Bright Sun Films, has made a significant impact in the digital content creation space. With a focus on informative travel videos[1] and captivating storytelling, Jake has garnered a dedicated following and earned recognition for his contributions to YouTube. As of April 2024, he has 1.45 Million subscribers on YouTube

Early life and education

Jake Williams grew up in Welland, Ontario, Canada, where he attended Centennial Secondary School. His passion for filmmaking ignited early in his life, leading him to collaborate with friends on short movies since 2010. This early exposure to creative endeavors laid the foundation for his future career in content creation.


Jake's[2] journey in content creation began in 2012 when he launched his YouTube channel under the name Bright Sun Gaming. Initially focused on gaming content, Jake's channel underwent a transformation when his video "Something Neat #1 River Country" gained unexpected popularity. This success prompted him to explore abandoned places, leading to the creation of his acclaimed series "Abandoned."

Over time, Jake's channel evolved into Bright Sun Films[3], emphasizing documentary-style content that delves into the histories of forgotten or abandoned locations. His meticulous research, engaging storytelling, and passion for preserving memories have resonated with viewers, contributing to the growth of his channel and community.

One of Jake's notable achievements is his feature-length documentary, "Closed For Storm," released in January 2020. The documentary tells the compelling story of an abandoned Six Flags theme park destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, showcasing Jake's directorial debut and storytelling prowess on a larger scale.

Personal life

Outside of his creative pursuits, Jake Williams[4] enjoys photography, a hobby reflected in his Instagram account where he shares captivating visuals. He was born an only child to Doris and Ward Williams and grew up in Welland, Ontario, Canada, surrounded by a supportive family environment.

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