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Emily Luxton Emily Luxton

Birth Date
Birth Place Weymouth, South Coast of England
Nationality Dorset, South of England
Education Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Solent University
Occupation Travel blogger, Writer
Known For Emily Luxton Travels

Emily Luxton is a travel blogger[1] and writer who loves exploring and sharing stories about her adventures. She's turned this passion into a full-time job, running a popular blog called Emily Luxton Travels where she shares travel tips and experiences.

Early life and education

Emily Luxton grew up in Weymouth, a lovely seaside town on the South Coast of England, nurturing a profound longing for travel and global exploration since childhood. Her education at Solent University in Southampton, where she studied photography, culminated in a Bachelor of Arts degree, enriching her with skills in visual storytelling and creativity.


Emily's journey to becoming a travel blogger wasn't straightforward. Challenges like self-doubt, university debt, and personal[2] struggles initially paused her dreams. However, a pivotal moment came when a supportive friend gifted her a travel writing book, reigniting her passion. Taking a bold step, Emily launched her travel blog as an experiment, which quickly gained popularity. By early 2014, she decided to quit her job and dive into travel blogging full-time.

Since then, Emily has traveled extensively, sharing diverse experiences through her blog. She covers various travel styles, from solo female adventures to cultural immersions and culinary explorations. Her approach emphasizes meaningful travel, delving into the culture, history, and people of each destination. Her blog blends adventure, discovery, and personal development.

Personal life

Emily lives in Dorset, her beloved county in the South of England[3]. She appreciates the blend of having a home while still traveling whenever she can. Dorset's scenic beauty and coastal allure inspire her writing.

Managing travel and home life can be tricky, but Emily has found a balance that suits her. She cherishes her time in Dorset, using it to relax and map out upcoming journeys.

Awards and achievements

Emily's commitment and skill have earned her numerous blogging awards[4], acknowledging her impact on the travel sphere and her rapport with readers.

In addition to her blog, Emily's writing has graced several online platforms. Her involvement in travel literature and guides has established her as a respected and fervent travel storyteller.

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