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Dale Philip Dale Philip

Birth Date January 17, 1995
Birth Place Edinburgh, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Content creator, travel vlogger, former professional poker player
Channel Name Dale Philip
Subscribers 3.19 million (as of April 2024)

Dale Philip, (born on January 17, 1995), is a Scottish content creator, travel vlogger, and former professional poker player from Edinburgh, Scotland. Dale is known for his travel vlogs and lifestyle videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. He gained early fame as a poker player, winning multiple games internationally. As of April 2024, he has about 3.19 million subscribers.

Early life and education

Dale was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. He completed his schooling at a local high school in his hometown. After high school, he pursued further studies at a university in Scotland.


Dale Philip initially worked in an IT/software job until he found success in poker[1]. A back injury in 2010 led him to quit his job and focus on poker[2] full-time. After leaving his hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, he traveled for poker tournaments and eventually became a professional poker player.

However, his poker career faced a setback when he was removed from Team PokerStars Online on June 17, 2014, allegedly due to his behavior at an event in Marbella, Spain. Transitioning from poker, Dale turned his passion for travel into a career. As of now, he is a YouTube travel vlogger and has visited more than 50 countries. His content often sparks online debates, such as a TikTok video he posted in June 2020, where he was seen bargaining for a street snack in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Dale’s adventures have not been without controversy. In January 2021, he was booked by the Munnar District Forest Officer (DFO) in Kerala, India for entering the Munnar forest without permission and wearing incorrect clothing.

In May 2022, during a visit to Clifton Beach, Karachi, Pakistan[3], Dale alleged that he was ‘cheated’ by horsemen there. He posted a video about the incident on social media titled ‘Avoid This Horse Ride Scam’. The incident led to the Karachi Police arresting the horseman within hours.

Despite the ups and downs, Dale[4] continues to share his travel experiences with his YouTube audience, gaining thousands of subscribers in the process. His journey from a poker[5] player to a popular travel vlogger demonstrates his adaptability and passion for exploring new avenues.

Personal life

Dale is single and had a previous relationship with someone named Loony, whom he met during a trip to Sri Lanka.


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