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Soumesh Pandey Soumesh Pandey

Birth Date
Birth Place Birbhum, West Bengal
Nationality Indian
Occupation Content creator, storyteller, photographer
Channel Name camerawalebhaiya
Subscribers 203,000 (as of April 2024)

Soumesh Pandey, also known as "Camera Wale Bhaiya," is a popular content creator from Birbhum, West Bengal. His engaging videos on his YouTube channel "camerawalebhaiya" have garnered attention for their captivating storytelling and exploration of curiosity, travel, and various themes. As of April 2024, he has about 203K subscribers.

Early life and education

Soumesh[1] was born in Birbhum, West Bengal, but has family origins in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh. His family background, deeply rooted in the military, had a profound influence on him. He attended Kendriya Vidyalaya Birbhum during his senior years and later pursued geography honors at Delhi University's Shivaji College.


Armed with his Nikon D5300, Camera Wale Bhaiya[2] embarked on a photographic journey that started during the Chhath Puja festival in Bihar. His exceptional skills earned him the nickname "Camera Wale Bhaiya," which quickly became his brand. Notable early expeditions to Varanasi and Pushkar laid the foundation for his career. His talent was evident when one of his photos captured during Diwali went viral, earning him widespread praise and a growing fan base. His work was even featured on Instagram's official account, propelling him further into the limelight.

Notable works

Camera Wale Bhaiya's standout achievements include participating in the World Vlog Challenge in Nepal, where he trekked to Mount Everest's base camp. His YouTube channel, "camerawalebhaiya," with over 203K subscribers, features diverse content, including travel documentaries and series like "Chauraha," documenting his extensive bike journey across India.

Personal life

Despite professional success, Camera Wale Bhaiya[3] remains grounded, sharing snippets of his life and experiences with his audience. His passion for exploration and storytelling shines through in every piece of content he creates, fostering a strong connection with viewers.

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