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Bhuvani Dharan Bhuvani Dharan

Birth Date February 19, 1995
Birth Place Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Travel content creator
Channel Name Tamil Trekker
Subscribers 1.4M (as of January 2024)

Bhuvani Dharan, (born on February 19, 1995), in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, and popularly known as "Tamil Trekker," has emerged as a prominent figure in the travel content creation space. Through his relatable and engaging approach to travel, he has become an inspiration to many, captivating audiences with his adventures and immersive storytelling[1]. Having explored over 33 countries, Bhuvani has delved into local cultures, unveiling hidden stories and treasures along the way. As of January 2024, he has about 1.4M subscribers.

Early life and education

Hailing from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Bhuvani[2] completed his education up to the 9th standard. Despite not pursuing higher education, his love for exploration and storytelling has defined his unique path in the world of travel content creation.


Bhuvani Dharan embarked on his solo travel journey in 2018, experiencing a spectrum of adventures from budget travel to full-time world exploration. His passion for travel extends beyond personal exploration; he is committed to promoting responsible tourism practices and supporting local communities. Through his content, Bhuvani aims to raise awareness about sustainable travel initiatives and ethical tourism practices that benefit both travelers and destinations.

YouTube career

As the force behind Tamil Trekker, a travel content creator[3] with over 4.5 years of experience, Bhuvani specializes in producing high-quality and informative videos showcasing the best of each destination. With a focus on inspiring, exploring, and creating memories, Tamil Trekker has become a go-to source for travel enthusiasts. In addition to content creation, the team offers marketing services to help companies connect with travel audiences.

Personal life

Bhuvani Dharan, at 28 years old, remains unmarried and is a follower of Hinduism. His roots trace back to Madurai, but he currently resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. While details about his family members are yet to be updated, his dedication to travel is evident in his chosen lifestyle.

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