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Ben Morris Ben Morris

Birth Date October 5, 2000
Birth Place England
Nationality British
Occupation YouTube content creator
Channel Name Ben Morris
Subscribers 790K (as of April 2024)

Ben Morris (Born on October 5, 2000), in England. he is a British YouTuber known for his diverse content, including soccer videos, FIFA content, vlogs, challenges, and more. As of April 2024, he has 790K subscribers on YouTube.

Early life and education

Ben Morris[1] developed a passion for creating online content from a young age. He started his YouTube journey in December 2015, uploading his first video titled "The Ultimate YouTuber Crossbar Challenge!!!" in May 2016. His early experiences and dedication to content creation laid the foundation for his successful career as a YouTuber.


Ben Morris's career took off with the launch of his YouTube channel, where he gained popularity for his unique blend of content, including soccer-related videos, FIFA[2] gameplay, vlogs showcasing his daily life, engaging challenges, and more. One of his notable video series involves him exploring different jobs, such as working as a courier for Uber Eats, providing viewers with entertaining and insightful experiences.

Personal life

Outside of his YouTube career, Ben Morris is known for his connections within the YouTube community. He is a close friend of fellow YouTube sensation TheBurntChip and has collaborated with various influencers on creative projects. Additionally, Ben founded the PostYouth LTD brand, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and creativity beyond his online presence.

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