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Becky Moore Becky Moore

Birth Date
Birth Place London Area, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Occupation Travel Blogger, Photographer
Channel Name Global Grasshopper
Subscribers 225 subscribers

Becky Moore is the driving force behind Global Grasshopper, an award-winning travel blog and resource for independent travelers[1]. Known for her unique insights and extensive travel experience, Becky, along with her dedicated team, has crafted a platform that reveals the world’s most unique, under-the-radar, and beautiful places. Through her blog, Becky aims to inspire travelers to explore the world with curiosity and a sense of adventure.

Early life and education

Becky's journey began at a young age, fueled by a deep passion for exploring new places. Growing up, she was always fascinated by different cultures and landscapes, which eventually led her to pursue studies in journalism and photography. Her educational background provided her with the skills needed to document and share her travel experiences effectively.


Becky's career took off with her first major adventure: a six-month backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. This journey ignited her passion for travel[2] and storytelling, leading her to create Global Grasshopper. Over the years, Becky has visited over 40 countries, documenting her experiences through captivating writing and stunning photography.

Global Grasshopper[3] quickly gained recognition for its unique perspective and high-quality content. Becky's ability to capture the essence of each destination and provide valuable travel tips has made her blog a go-to resource for travelers worldwide. She has been invited by numerous tourist boards and travel brands to review hotels and destinations, further establishing her credibility in the travel industry.

Personal life

When she's not exploring new destinations, Becky enjoys a semi-nomadic lifestyle, splitting her time between her travels and her home in South West London. She loves walking her ex-Athens street dog, exploring the Brighton Lanes, and hunting for photogenic landscapes. Becky is also a fan of US road trips, deserted beaches, Cuban mojitos, and all things Scandinavian.

Awards and achievements

Becky Moore's work has been recognized by several prestigious organizations. Some of her notable achievements include:

  • Best UK Travel & Leisure Blog 2019: Global Grasshopper was awarded this title for its outstanding content and contribution to the travel industry.
  • Top Travel Authority in the UK: Recognized by Agility PR Solutions, Becky has established herself as a leading voice in travel.
  • Nominated Best Female Travel Blogger: Teletext Holiday Awards 2019.
  • British Annual Canada Travel Awards Finalist 2018: Acknowledging her exceptional travel content related to Canada.
  • Nominated Best UK Travel Blog 2018: Highlighting her influence and impact on the travel blogging community.
  • Cheapflights Travel Blog Awards Nominee 2017: Recognizing her contributions to travel writing.
  • Travel Media Awards Winner 2015: Celebrating her excellence in travel media.

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