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Aakash Malhotra Aakash Malhotra

Birth Date July 19, 1992
Birth Place Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
Nationality Indian
Occupation Storyteller, Content Creator, Entrepreneur
Channel Name Wander With Sky
Subscribers 133K subscribers

Aakash Malhotra (Born on July 19, 1992), also known as WanderWithSky, is an Indian origin storyteller, content creator[1], and entrepreneur based out of Himachal Pradesh. He completed his engineering in Computer Sciences from Amity University. With a passion for traveling and public speaking, he has become a leading social media influencer in India. He has also received numerous honorary awards for his work.

Early life and education

Before establishing Digato, Aakash Malhotra gained a wealth of experience in various fields. He served as the head of digital marketing and media at Creative Marketing Fix, a New Delhi-based agency, and was a digital marketing consultant at The Grub Fest, India’s largest food festival. His career transitioned from an engineer to a Sales Rep, to a Marketing professional[2], making his life a roller coaster of different experiences.


In 2019, Aakash Malhotra started Digato, a digital marketing consulting and advertising agency, to help companies leverage the power of social media. He is also a leading Social Media Influencer and goes by the handle, Wander With Sky, a channel that provides its community with tips, hacks, and advice on how to travel while showcasing his journey. With more than 150K followers, he is one of India’s leading travel influencers. He likes to call himself a Travelpreneur, an Indian who is out on a mission to travel the world.

Personal life

A thrill-seeker at heart, Aakash Malhotra enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, snowboarding, and free diving, among other extreme sports. He has traveled the length and breadth of India, barring one state, and has explored 47 countries. He also served as Vice President at AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organization, and led the Organising Committee of Udaan, an event for underprivileged kids.


Aakash Malhotra has had digital marketing consulting experience in many companies and has also participated in some volunteering campaigns. Despite the challenges of maintaining the consistency of the services they provide and staying a step ahead in the evolving technology landscape, Digato has managed to distinguish itself with its unique services and successful track record.

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